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Memorial Day -- Amazing and SUCCESSFUL!

It's been a very long day, no doubt about it! And Marilyn and I are bone weary.

But the March was WONDERFUL! Perfect weather (no rain, and sunny skies!), a huge crowd viewing (seemed to be three times as big as last year to me), lots of enthusiastic and cooperative participants (again, I feel we tripled last year) -- and it just looked COOL on the street!

Right before the March I decided we needed a Grand Marshal -- so I named Davy Crockett to that role! (My job is a blast sometimes!) Rich loved it and immediately sent out a Press Alert. And believe it or not, we got THREE news cameras covering Memorial Day! (woo hoo)

Ashley has been a dear, helping me out! She'd already made some car signs to help get us past barricades (etc.). And today she made some mini-banners to tell people who they were viewing! Bill Ray (of the Klamath Tribes) was there again with his brother Gene -- and I talked Gene into marching with Bill to carry his sign. (smile) Two of our interns carried Davy Crockett's Texas flag and sign. And two darling kids carried the sign for our other special guest. With any luck I'll share more details -- and some photos -- later.

And Marilyn's script for the Ceremonies was INCREDIBLE! Wow, can she write a script, or what? Plus she was one of the official speakers, and she did a GREAT job. I was so proud of her!

After this exhausting day we headed to float maneuverability at Stu Con. Then we actually went OUT for dinner (Mexican -- woo hoo), talking 'shop' while we ate. We brought most of it home and will nibble on it tonight, I'm sure.

Then we played a little Zuma (I got a high score!). Now we're both ready for naps. Can't wait to curl up with a book and then snooze...

Our friend Shari took the bus all the way from Milwaukie to come downtown, which I thought was nice.

And I just did yet another tweak to the festival website Home page. I'll be doing lots of that now, to keep it up to date. (I already tweaked it and added a News item there earlier today). Plus I'm Tweeting and Facebooking like CRAZY now! There's soooooooo much stuff to share!

Thanks to ALL my friends for your good thoughts and kind comments! I'm sure I'll get to reply one of these days... (smile)

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