CharlieMC (charliemc) wrote,

Home From Work

Marilyn is playing Zuma next to me while I type this. She got the Memorial Day script done (what I heard was awesome -- can't wait to hear the rest), and I worked on my next festival blog entry and the eNewsletter for next Thursday. I need to get that blog up today, really, so I should be finishing it now. Oh well! Maybe I will, and maybe I won't.

We had to dash to Walmart to pick some thing up -- the most important being a flag pole. We were presented with the Texas flag that flew over the Alamo the day we visited there (isn't that COOL???), and we're having our Davy Crockett carry it on stage tomorrow for the Memorial Day Ceremony. (Last year we had Abe Lincoln, and this year we're having Davy Crockett...)

We grabbed a bite to eat while down at the the Village, but I'm still hungry, so I might go find something to eat. And it would be great to catch a nap. I'm beat and so is Marilyn.

Big day tomorrow, anyway!

The weather is KILLING US this year. It just rains and rains and rains. Miserable. We're going to be clobbered, budget-wise. What can we do? No matter how hard we work, the weather can do us in. We just have to live with it. We're trying not to let our spirits flag, but it's very hard. It really is. You work all year long for this, and then rain screws us.

Our cats are glad to see us home, poor babies. They miss us when we're gone all the time...

I met with Lynn from the Royal Rosarians today about the March tomorrow. She's running it for the group, so it was good to get to talk to her.

I've YET to see a list of who will be in the March, even though I'm the on-site manager (!!!). But I'll do what I want, regardless, so no worries. I do know how to do that, no doubt about it! (I wonder if I can get a radio tomorrow? Marilyn and I need to communicate back and forth.)

Well, that's it for today! Catch you later!

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