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Nightmare? Yeah.

It's just past 3:00 a.m.

I woke from what can only be called an anxiety nightmare to discover I never took my nighttime meds (!!!), which means my bloodcount will be screwed in the morning. (sigh)

I'm in a total sweat and shaking, but I'll calm down in a second.

When I walked by Marilyn -- asleep on the sofa -- Colin was on her. Wow, was he HAPPY!!!

Anyway, in my dream, sister Sue and I were supposed to be using her horse-pulled sled to deliver packages to friends (in the snow). But she left without me, and I was trudging along without warm clothes, carrying a bunch of boxes and shivering from the cold...

This might be related to me waking around 10:00 after only napping for less than an hour and deciding to put off going to Walmart until TOMORROW night. (I just wanted to go BACK to sleep.) Marilyn had me phone Sue to tell her. Anyway, Sue had other plans for tomorrow night, so she went without us to Walmart tonight, and said we could go on our own instead. Nothing wrong with that. We're were fine with it, as we're both DEAD TIRED and figured we'd go when we didn't have tomorrow facing us.

I didn't know Sue was going to the beach with a friend this weekend, but it explains why she was encouraging our waitress to do the same for Memorial Day -- while I was trying to get our waitress to join us Monday for our festival celebration.

(Um, the one where Marilyn is in charge of the ceremony -- she plans it, scripts it and is SPEAKING during it -- and where I manage our Memorial Day March. Yeah, I admit it, I'm biased.)

Okay, it's still not a really big affair, but we are getting the WWII tank we had for the Centennial, a cool motorcycle groups that carry tons of large American flags and much more, including CANNONS for a 21-gun salute! (Those suckers are really impressive.)

Don't get me wrong. I'm happy for Sue to go to the beach, if that's what she wants to do. I don't expect anyone (including her) to be invested in all of the festival events -- and certainly not because these are important to us. I mean, she's REALLY EXCITED about attending GFP with a group of friends this year, which is cool. I get it that our Memorial Day celebration isn't attractive to a lot of people -- and that's fine. Maybe years from now when we've built it up more, it will be 'the place to be.' Or maybe not, who knows? (smile)

Well, I need to head BACK to bed now. We've got a big day tomorrow!

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