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Another Busy, Busy Day...

Busy day in the office. (And at home late afternoon, too... Marilyn brought me home before heading back herself.)

Kris did NOT get to finish the WFV setup for computers/IT this morning. And we're going to pay him for an hour of his time, which is a waste of money, along with his wasted time. (sigh) I was pretty annoyed/angry about this, but whatever. (It's my time being wasted, too, so...)

Today we visited Studio Concepts for a tour of the float barn -- and got to see the floats being worked on. Yes, I've seen this many, many times over the years, but it was still cool! And I've never been able to get photos of this stage before, so it was really fun. Then we had a pizza party for lunch, before heading back to the office.

My morning was full of IT and some website tweaks. I had a short meeting with Tiffany about the GFP script. And we had a much-needed Communications meeting as we head toward the Opening of the 2010 festival the end of this week.

I have an eNewsletter due out both this week and next. Here's a sample of the banner I'm working on right now:

header banner sample

If you click it, you can see the larger version.

I'm actually working on both this week and next at the same time, because it starts to get crazy now!

Our festival blog is going really well, by the way! We're getting a lot of hits and putting up entries almost daily from many different people. Ashley did one yesterday that turned out great -- and she's had two comments to it, as well! (woo hoo)

Marilyn and I got our pedicures and manicures yesterday, which we really needed. These should last us through the festival, thankfully! I have pearl tips, with a tiny silver line. I need to take photos and share, because they're very cool! The woman who did this was quite an artist, and really wanted to do the line on both my pedicure and manicure, so I went along. I'm so glad I did!

Marilyn had her massage (therapy for her frozen shoulder) last night. My damn right wrist is acting up (!!!). It's an on-going issue, but usually I can deal fine with the pain. Right now it's so intense I considering seeing a doctor. I doubt he can do anything, anyway, so whatever. It's better today, but still annoying. (Swollen, too.)

My blood count is MUCH IMPROVED recently, though, I have to mention! Today it was lower still. The odd thing is I've been drinking tequila before bed every night. I know it sounds nuts, but I have to wonder if this is helping. Nothing else is changed, so...

I have so many MORE photos to share -- when I get time, of course. Right now we're so swamped we don't have time to turn around. But hopefully sooner than later!

I'm dead tired, so I'm headed to bed after I post this (I hope). Marilyn didn't get home until almost 9:00 -- and I just kept working until she arrived. So it's been another long day, as well as being busy!

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