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Workaround: What to Do When You Don't Get the 'Pin to Start Menu' Option

For weeks now I no long get the option to Pin to Start menu anymore. Maybe none of you use this (???), but it's something I use quite a bit.

Anyway, after trying NUMEROUS fixes for this problem that required messing with the Regedit (and so on), I found the following WORKAROUND. It's simple and should have been obvious, I suppose!

You simply DRAG AND DROP whatever you want to pin over to the Start button on the Taskbar.

I guess it's a common bug that the option will suddenly 'disappear,' as I found TONS of places offering solutions for this issue. One of the places I DIDN'T find a solution was the Microsoft forums, by the way. (surprise)

This reminds me! When was the last time I mentioned how much I hate Microsoft??? I do! (grin)

In spite of yet another crappy bug, my issue is solved -- and I'm happy about it! (woo hoo)

Tags: 2010, fix, may-2010, microsoft, workaround

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