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Special Event Today: Our Open House!

Marilyn and I were at the office by 8:00 a.m. this morning to prepare for the event that started at 11:00 a.m. Happily a lot of things got done yesterday, so it made our early preparations easier.

I just saw coverage of the event on TV, featuring Marilyn's office! Very cool.

Probably the best way to share this amazing day is with some photos! I have literally hundreds, but here are a few (very few) highlights!

Open House - sign
The signs are ready!

Open House - schedule
And the schedule of events is set.

Open House - Marilyn
Marilyn's office held many historical items, including the throne, royal robes, crown, Rex garment and much more. Here I snapped Marilyn standing just outside her office.

Open House - putting out cookies
We had TONS of cookies to serve to all the guests, based on vintage cookie recipes! They were delicious!!! In this photo the ladies have just started to put them all out.

Open House - historical in conference room
We took the chairs out of the conference room and put the table against one wall. The room is glass on there sides, really lovely! It was filled with historical items for the event, as well as the props used by our living history characters for the presentations they give (which have been award-winning).

Open House - historical in Jeff's office
Jeff's office was set up with historical items on his desk and mannequins dressed in vintage clothing.

Open House - Peggy not running with scissors
Peggy brought the giant scissors for the ribbon-cutting. When I said, "Nice scissors!" she quickly responded, "And I'm not running with them." (smile)

Open House - viewing historical items
People loved viewing the historical items.

Open House - viewing historical photo
People also loved viewing all the historical photos.

Open House - TV films - 1
TV was there to film our event. Marilyn also did an interview! (woo hoo)

Open House - TV films - 2
I love getting shots of TV filming at our various events each year...

Open House - Marilyn with Patti and son
Here's Marilyn with friend Patti (and her son). Patti was Marilyn's assistant years ago.

Open House - signing guest book
Visitors signed our guest books.

Open House - viewing historical photo
People enjoyed viewing the historical photos hanging on our walls.

Part of the event was a rose planting and plaque unveiling took place OUTSIDE the building. Unfortunately, the weather didn't cooperate very well today! We had to delay the ceremony during a downpour, but happily it cleared enough for us to have our ribbon cutting, speeches, unveiling and rose planting.

Open House - guarding from rain
Here's Sue B. and Laura protecting the as-yet-unveiled plaque from the downpour!

Open House - wet hem of dress
Living history character Georgiana has a very wet hem on her gown.

Open House - ceremony wet
Lined up for the ceremony, you can see Georgie's wet dress.

Open House - crowd
The visiting crowd watches the outdoor ceremonies.

Open House - historic garments
After the clean up, we put three mannequins together so they can be on display for our next event!

Open House - Angel romances Rex
Here's Angel 'romancing' the Rex mannequin as we move it and set it up again.

The turn out for the event was WONDERFUL! We were literally shooing people out the door at 3:00 p.m. (the end of the event). It was exciting to have two TV stations send cameras (it's always hard to know if you'll be able to get media coverage). Dozens of cookies were eaten, pots of coffee were enjoyed, hundreds of dollars of merchandise was sold, many posters and postcards were signed by the artists and people happily visited with one another while hundreds of photos were snapped (I was only one of many taking pictures today).

Marilyn and I came home exhausted, but happy, after a successful event first-time-ever event! (Happy Birthday, Mom. I'm sure you were smiling down on this one!)

Marilyn is an incredible event manager. She did such a good job today! It was a delight to be able to participate, I have to tell you.

I'm so proud of what we do!

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