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Another Busy Day - WFV Setup and More...

Today was crazy busy for all of us. Much of the day was spent preparing for the first-ever open house of the Rose Building tomorrow (Saturday, May 22).

Marilyn had her big GFP meeting -- which was a record 45 minutes short and went well (or so I heard). I had the option to attend and skipped it to do other work. (I've only been twice ever in all the years I've helped work on the parade.)

The WFV IT setup had several glitches, but is pretty much DONE now, thankfully. I can't bring myself to go into detail about it, so let's just say it was something of a mess that turned out fine.

The Rose Building really looks BEAUTIFUL! I need to get photos. Everyone helped clean up like crazy and our spaces look fabulous. (Even mine, though no one is allowed to go upstairs tomorrow.)

Sue B. and Angel were INCREDIBLE getting ready. And both Nancys were there getting ready. Nancy H. does the plants and Nancy W. always does food.

I got MORE (!!!) website work done, plus a lot of IT. I'm crazy-busy, but that's okay.

I just watched "Medium" -- not sure if I really like the episode, but oh well. It's time for a nap, as we have a HUGE day tomorrow and have to be at the office by 8:00 a.m.

Sister Sue is gone for the weekend. Cousin Linda needs money, but I've no clue when we're supposed to connect with her, as busy as we are.

I hope the weather doesn't hammer us too hard. We should have a good turnout, if the weather doesn't totally suck. We've pimped the event out like mad, and I think there's interest.

And it's cool that tomorrow is Mom's birthday (she'd have been 86, had she lived). Mom was such a festival fan -- she'd be proud we're holding the event on her bday...

I'm dead beat, so that's it for now.

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