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Sick in the Middle of the Night. (sigh)

I was sick in the middle of the night. But I'm going to cut this, because it's a bit gross. You've been warned!

So as you know from my blog, I was up until past midnight, after eating very late.

Marilyn felt nauseous almost immediately after dinner, so maybe we got mild food poisoning. (The fat free half and half I used? Something else?) She was asleep by the time I went to bed, anyway.

I didn't feel sick to my stomach at that point, but very tired, yes. I laid down with my book and was joined by both cats.

Around 3:30 a.m. I woke myself throwing up. I've had this happen before, and the fear is always that I'll aspirate vomit (no small thing). I automatically stop myself from just throwing up all over (there's no thought involved, believe me). But this was mostly bile, and it got into my throat, mouth (poor palate) and sinus cavity -- and it burned terribly. I can still feel the effects now, at almost 9:00 a.m.

After awaking I was really nauseous -- and certainly afraid to lie back down. I never sleep without elevating my head, by the way. And this is one of the reasons. But I felt really sick, so I got up and slowly sucked on some Junior Mints to calm my stomach...

The interesting thing was that at 3:30 a.m. it was just POURING down rain for hours! I ended up in the living room, propped into a reclining half-sitting position on the sofa, wrapped in a couple blankets. I seemed to be alternating between being too warm and being chilled. (I did a mystic -- spray-on -- tan, by the way. And the hot/cold thing can be an after-effect of that, so I wasn't concerned about it.)

I was wide awake until 6:00 or 6:30-ish, then drifted off until Marilyn came and discovered me and I told her what had happened. She's the one who mentioned that it was odd it had happened to both of us, by the way. (She's such a logical thinker.) I was just thinking we ate too late, I ate too fast and then I laid down and fell asleep too soon. That could all be true, but for both of us to feel sick (which she did immediately after eating), it's probably the food...

We're both fine this morning, anyway. Well, I'm tired from not sleep well, and have the effects of being burned, but I'll live. (grin)

Marilyn is already at the office, by the way. And I'm getting ready to send out the eNewsletter. So life -- and work -- goes on, happily! It's still raining out now, but not pouring. Still, it looks miserable to me!

Marilyn forgot to take her camera with her to work today -- and "The Biggest Loser" is apparently being shot close by! I mentioned the spare camera I keep there at work, so hopefully she found it and can get some photos. Never a dull moment at our new 'home' in the park! (You wouldn't believe some of the craziness that goes on every day there...)

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