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Update from War Correspondent from the Front! (The War on Ants)

Here's the all-important update from your trusty war correspondent! I actually started to post this earlier, but had to dash off to Starbucks with sister Sue suzy_qp! (smile)

If it warms up today (a very BIG if), I'll know better if the first battle is truly won. That said, I awoke to a kitchen entirely FREE of any sign of ANTS (the enemy).

And here's the hero:

Ortho Home Defense outdoor granules
  CLICK to see the large version

I put the Ortho Home Defense MAX granules OUTSIDE (only) -- so no poison in the house. I only have to put it around the base of the house. I don't put it on the side (behind the bushes) where Colin frequently goes when he 'escapes' out the front, as there's no issue over there.

Last year I used it ONCE. I never had a problem again. So, frankly, I swear by it. And it seems really SAFE to use.

The weather's a bit grim here. We just had a small sun break, but the forecast is for increasing high wind and a DOWNPOUR of rain. And it's starting to grow dark outside as I type this! (sigh) And grow COLDER, too.

We had POURING, nasty rain yesterday (for WFV setup -- it figures). But it cleared for a short time in the afternoon. I hope it gets this damn raining thing DONE soon, because we need clear weather for the festival!

It may never warm enough that the ants really come out today. So, again, I can't be 100% sure yet. But I suspect that both the BATTLE and the WAR have been won, thank you very much!

I'm happy to be the victor!

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