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Ants. (Damn It.)

We came home from a VERY BUSY day at the office to discover we had ANTS in our kitchen.

So I started using scalding hot water to clear them down the drain and off the counters. I went outside and used the Ortho product (granules) that has worked so well in the past around the base of the house. I had a tiny bit of spray left and used it were I saw them making a trail outside.

They always come from the front of the house into the kitchen, happily, so I never have to deal with them out back. I don't want poison around the places the cats go! (I don't put this stuff in the area where Colin sometimes goes in front of the house, because I don't hate ants as much as I love my cats, after all!)

I hand washed the dishes in the sink and stacked them again, sans ants. I'll still put them through the dishwasher, of course. I removed any sign of food from that counter (there was little there, anyway), and rinsed a couple empty soda cans and put those in the recycling. Where were the most ants? In the shaker cup Marilyn got recently to mix her protein drink. There were dregs in the bottom and the ants were havin' a parteeeee. (smile)

Don't get me wrong: I don't like killing them like this. If the ants remained outside, I'd leave them be. But once they're in my kitchen, it's WAR. Then I do kill them, wherever I find them. They bring it on themselves. I'm all for peace, but I won't abide them in my house!

I was all creepy-crawly after the initial battle. In fact, I just felt some crawling on me and thought it was my imagination. Wrong! I had to kill another ant that was on my arm!

I'm so ready for a nap now. We were going to go tan, but I blew that idea off! (grin) I'm tired and want to lie down and read and snooze.

I moved equipment around today, cleaned up the IT Room and so on. And worked on the website. I need to finish the eNewsletter for this week (due to go Thursday), do more website stuff and try to START the GFP script (finally). The computers are NOT set up for WFV. In fact, they aren't even moved over there. I don't need to be there for that, so I'm not going to sweat it. In fact, if they don't get set up until the end of the week, I'm fine with it (and so is Laura).

Bill Barry (the RR photog) came by to see me today and get a tour of the office. I'm going to feature him in the next eNewsletter ('Meet' whomever). One of the fun parts of doing these is that I get to pick who I want to feature. I don't do it every issue, but I do it often. And I've been able to show off many special friends, which is very cool!

On that note, even though I could share more, I'm headed for that nap!

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