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Roses and Thorns...

Look, I don't mind working hard. In fact, I love working hard -- and I love the work I do!

But it's the little things that get to me.

Yesterday while out in the yard getting water for some plants, I got a thorn in my shoe. So I ended up stepping on it and driving it into the bottom of my LEFT foot. (At least it wasn't my poor, long-suffering right foot.)

Thorn in foot, May 17

That's my ring next to it, just for sizing purposes. Yes, I get it that it's a puncture wound -- and that rose thorns always seem to be slightly poisonous. This is a chunk that clearly was whacked off by our yard people when they attacked the rose bushes with whatever the hell they use. (We've told them repeatedly NOT to cut the roses. This is one of our complaints that has us thinking of getting a new yard company, by the way. But I never seem to find time to discuss it all with Hector.)

Anyway, I felt a very sharp pain, and looked down, wondering what the hell had managed to get into my shoe and into my foot! I did get it out right away, but the pain was incredible. for something so small. (This sort of thing always makes me wonder about what it's like to be cut with a knife or shot by a gun. TV and the movies would have you think it's nothing at all, but come on! I saw yet another scene where a woman patched up a knifed man and called him a wimp when he winced a tiny bit. Right.)

Because of the damn diabetes, anything to do with my feet is serious. I don't want to make a big deal about this crap, but I watched my own parents with their issues. Mom eventually lost a LEG, and Dad lost a toe. (Had they lived longer, who knows how much worse it could have been...)

The wound bled and I treated it. But I think it hurts more than it should, frankly. So it might mean another trip to the doctor. (big sigh)

Here's the thing: I really DO need to be at work today. At the festival office.

WFV setup (taking the park) started yesterday -- and today is the IT side of the process. I'm the one who knows where all the equipment is. I'm the one who transfers the folders/files they need on site from the Server to a portable (external) hard drive. I'm the one who knows where the switch and cables and big-assed battery/surge protectors are for setting up their network. No, I don't actually go on site and do setup (thank God), but I am an essential part of it happening. (Aside from being the one who manages our IT Consultant, of course.)

Let's hope this foot gets better and doesn't require a doctor. But I'm watching it, believe me.

Why, oh why, am I having never-ending foot issues right now? I don't mind the normal stress, but this shit is almost too much. (And it's making poor Marilyn crazy. I totally understand that she worries about me, of course. I worry about her, so that's how it goes. But what can I say? It's not like I deliberately got one foot stomped on or went out and stepped on that thorn with the other one. I'm sure it's maddening for her, because hell, it's maddening for ME.)

On that note, I've got a TON to get done today. I was working on and off until past midnight last night, so I did get some things accomplished. Of course, the computer froze up on me more than once, for whatever reason. The second time I soothed myself by drinking a wee bit more than I should have. (smile)

And I couldn't stay connected to the office via Remote Desktop for anything yesterday! I was knocked off more than a dozen times -- and once had to have Marilyn pull the plug on my machine at work to get back on again. Like I said, it's these things that bug, and not the work!

Of course, when I had the machine freeze the second time, I almost lost half an hour of coding. Um... what can I tell you? I was pretty pissed, frankly! Happily, I found that I had managed to do my frantic save of the page in question, so I didn't have to start over from scratch.

And it's back to work!

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