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Saw the Doctor...

I saw Dr. Green, because my own doctor is booked solid. (I heard that he just got back from a vacation in Hawaii, which explains why.)

Happily, my foot is not broken. We'll call that the GOOD news.

Unhappily, my foot is very badly bruised (and really swollen). I need to wear a ghastly 'boot' to (apparently) protect it. (It's not very boot-like, though. It's more like a thick, stiff sandal with a wrap-around thing on top and straps to hold it on. Navy blue and ugly as sin. And not the least bit comfy.) So my foot hurts like a bitch and the pain is making me incredibly cranky. I asked if icing it more would help, but the doctor said no. She told me to stay off of it as much as possible and prop it up. Not all that convenient, but I'll try that some of the time, at least. (She offered my pain meds, but I said no. I figure I still have some around here, but it's hard to work when you're doped up with pain meds, so...)

So that's the BAD news. I need to keep the boot on for at least a week (!!!) to let the foot heal. (sigh) Can we say ugly and clunky? How can hauling this big thing around be helping my foot? And did I mention it's really STIFF and has no give at all? Ouch. (My heal, which is constantly an issue on my right foot, is already complaining. Let's see if the poor foot can stand some more pain... sigh...) You know, I've already been dealing with this for more than two weeks now.

Okay, pity-party, poor-me, whine-time is now officially over! Sorry about that. Anyway, I need to get back to work! It's only two weeks until the 2010 festival begins!!!

And my foot is NOTHING to what's going on with many of my dear friends here, after all...

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