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My Cat Henry. Gotta Love Him!

So, aside from that other image effect I shared yesterday, I've got another one which is even more SIMPLE to use (a CSS class applied to an image). I think it's nice, if not as COOL as the other one. I'm using it in a few spots at the festival website...

OH! If any of you would like the code, let me know. I'm not kidding when I say it's really EASY!

As you can (hopefully) see, it creates a double-border effect around any given image. And it's easy to change out the CSS to make the colors whatever you want. Right now I have the inside area set to transparent, meaning it displays whatever color is your background!

But if you have your LiveJournal background set to #dddddd, then you're not going to see ANYTHING around this photo, because that's the color of the frame (the part that isn't transparent/clear).

Henry likes it on my chest

I'm having fun playing with the CSS, anyway. I changed the frame and hover effect I shared yesterday so the colors perfectly match the website. It's very cool, I think.

This in the midst of loads of coding. I guess it's things like this that help keep me sane. (grin)

ETA: I should mention WHY this code is cool at websites, I suppose. I'm NUTS for always having frames around photos. But this wasn't the case with the webmaster who served PRIOR to me. Most of her images had no frames, ever. In the rare cases where I haven't swapped out those images, all I need to do is add a quick class code to the existing image and suddenly it DOES have a frame! Now seriously, how cool is that? No fuss, no muss -- no actual work with the adding a frame to an image...

And, yeah, Henry is trouble. But I still love him to pieces...
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