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Website. eBulletin. Website.

Good thing I love to code...

First thing this morning I worked on the festival website. I was doing GFP -- and after the Home page that's the page that gets the most hits at the website. (Marilyn gave me the updates yesterday, but I didn't have time to get to it until today.) I'd wanted to have it done by the time she drove to work from home, but I didn't quite make it. (smile) Close, anyway!

And we tweaked that on and off today.

Then I started on the eBulletin (due to go out tomorrow). I did web graphics to start (a new header), then the Copy and the rest of the coding.

It went pretty well, actually.

Then back to the website.

I learned how to do this today:

This is done ENTIRELY with HTML and CSS -- no Javascript, etc. So I'm excited about it!

Well, it's heading on 8:00 p.m. Marilyn is home and tired and we should eat something... And I've finished up the garbage and recycling. We need to go buy milk (!!!), but don't much feel like it. I think we both feel like having a nap, truth to tell...
Tags: 2010, busy, css, ebulletin, festival, festival-website, gfp, html, marilyn, may-2010, tired, work

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