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Griffin Technology PowerBlock is AWESOME!

While at Wal-Mart yesterday, Marilyn and I picked up the Griffin Technology PowerBlock -- which is AWESOME.

Marilyn and I each have an iPod Nano 4th Generation (also called Chromatic). We've had TONS of issues with keeping these puppies charged -- their batteries seem to drain almost IMMEDIATELY. In other words, I seriously would NOT recommend them to anyone.

Plus: The fourth generation drops support for charging via FireWire. "This change means that any dock accessories that use the dock connector's FireWire pins to send power—many older speakers and car chargers, for example—will not charge the 4G iPod Nano."

I really do NOT like to use my computer to charge my iPods. So this change in how the 4th gen Nano charges has been a HUGE PAIN for me.

Until now!

Wal-Mart had the PowerBlock for $19.99 -- which is ten dollars LESS than the official website. For twenty bucks we've solved our charging issue!

Okay, yeah, it still doesn't HOLD a charge worth a damn. And you need an outlet to plug into, so you're not doing this on the fly. But it's better than it was, anyway!

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