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Social Media Cats...

I think Henry and Colin might be wanting blogs here at LiveJournal next. (smile) And who knows? They might even want their own websites!

In all seriousness, I've been surprised to discover just how many pets are active with Social Media (blogs, Twitter, Facebook and more). And how much FUN it is for our cats to go there!

Both yesterday and today I discovered a couple of things. First, it makes me HAPPY when the cats post to Facebook or Tweet. I smile, or laugh, or chuckle every time. Second, it really doesn't take much TIME for them to do something here and there. That's the thing about all this: If you watch yourself and budget your time, it can fit into a busy day.

Obviously it takes away some time from something else. But if I'm still getting my work done, I don't mind sharing the computer (and online time) with the boys. (grin)

Apparently this makes lots of people feel good. We love our pets. We love pets that belong to others. We love animals! It's all-around a good thing.

Marilyn, smart person that she is, remembered to take Laura the bubble bath I set out for her late last night. Laura (who is a friend who works at the festival office -- and not a pet) had been talking in her Facebook about wanting to take a bubble bath, so...

Yesterday was Pay It Forward Day, I guess. I feel bad that I missed it. Of course, truth to tell, I try to do that EVERY DAY of my life. So maybe I didn't miss it at all... (smile)

Marilyn and I took naps when she got home tonight. We were SUPPOSED to get up and go tan -- then go to Wal-Mart. It (obviously) didn't happen. Well, the Wal-Mart we use is open 24/7, so we might still get to do that. But tanning is long closed. No matter! We can try to fit tanning in tomorrow.

Marilyn is getting her hair done tomorrow. Then we thought about trying to go to Champoeg Founders Day, at the Champoeg State Heritage Area. (Over the years, we've both been involved with Friends of Historic Champoeg. We've loved this park since childhood and used to go their with our parents and other family members.)

And we have a party to attend on Sunday -- a Board Member of the festival is leaving for Texas (her daughter is going to school there, so she's re-locating), and this is her farewell gig.

Believe me, we're both TIRED -- and we'd love to do NOTHING this weekend. Last week was exhausting and this week was tough, too. But that's how it goes!

For the next month and a half, we'll be SUPER BUSY. Then the festival will be over and we'll be into summer! So... It's hard to BELIEVE that it's almost MAY now!!!

I think I'll go check on Marilyn...

(And I tried repeatedly today to reach sister Sue suzy_qp -- but I never did. I wonder what she was up to???)

Oh, yeah, remember that GRANT I mentioned? It wasn't flat screen monitors. (sigh) The guy FINALLY got back to me and told me. We were VERY CLEAR about our needs. Of course, if he could read, he'd stop calling me Mr. -- especially after I told him in my last email that I'm a WOMAN, and not a man... (sigh) So that means we still need to BUY at least one monitor for the festival office. How does that SUCK???

And I almost forgot to mention: I now have 973 Followers at Twitter. Beat that, cats! (heh)

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