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Up 12 Spots in ONE Week! ("Incomplete")

What a fabulous way to be awakened this morning! The radio comes on and is playing Backstreet's "Incomplete."

It ends and Ryan Seacrest's (wonderful) voice comes in to say that the song is currently at 28 on the countdown -- up 12 places from last week (when it was 40)!

(Sorry -- the link takes you to last week. I've no clue when they'll finally update!)

Then he said something (???) about it being on pace to go to number one!

Up 12 places in one week!!!

Well, take that all you people who thought that the Boys were over... (grin)

I was so happy that even though it's only 7:30 am (and I didn't go to bed 'til after 2:00), I had to jump up and add this to my blog!

Oh, and the lovely Becky beckyo has promised me what I was looking for (friends locked) last night. Thanks, sweetie! I'm all over that!!!

Watching TRL and seeing BSB, Britney, Gwen and Simple Plan (to name a few) -- and then seeing BSB in the top 40 -- just takes me back to those wonderful days when Backstreet was touring and we wouldn't miss a day of TRL... (grin)

I'm so ready for this!!!

(Not to mention that Marilyn mistressmarilyn and I danced our asses off at exclusive clubs during our recent Las Vegas trip. No, I'm not getting older -- just better! Bring on more concerts and more dancing, please!!!)

Life is so good some days... (Most days, really!)

On that note, I'm going to feed poor (starving) April and head back to bed (for now).

Hugs, everyone!


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