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New BSB Video "Incomplete" on TRL!

Yeah, they repeated it at 11:00 pm tonight -- yesterday's TRL, that is. (grin)

Good deal! It's such a DELIGHT to see the Boys again!!!

Marilyn got home from the Maroon 5 concert just in time to tape TRL.

I love the video! (And the song, too. Did I need to say that?)

We made it to our friend Dick's memorial for his wife (a last 'party' -- as she loved parties and hosted so many) in Camus, Washington. Then home here where Marilyn dropped me off and then changed to dash off to the concert.

She was actually disappointed, which is strange (considering how much we love concerts). She said the seats were bad (someone else bought the tickets) and accordingly the energy was poor. It was more like watching them on TV than being at a live performance.

Too bad!

But at least the tickets were cheap... (smile)

Saw a lot of friends at the party, anyway. Had two very sour lemon drops (a drink both M. and I like) and various goodies to eat. Dick is holding up very well, but he'd been a long while dealing with Bobbie dying. (sigh)

In many ways it must be quite a relief!

Well, off to bed.

Marilyn has her hair appointment in the morning and then we have the Royal Rosarian Rose Planting at the President's house (hope it doesn't rain)...

Night, all!


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