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Home, Sweet Home

Marilyn and I are glad to be home -- and today it was work as usual for her. I stayed home and did spend some time unpacking, but the rest of the day working on the website.

And, yes, I did prop up my poor (sore) right foot. It's been a real pain today.

I need to do my festival blog entry on IT that I took all the photos for. I got a large number of photos ready and started to write it in my head -- so I'm almost ready. (grin)

Poor Marilyn had her massage, which about kills her, tonight. Amanda works her shoulder really hard and she's always so tired afterward.

She had a busy day, coming back from being away. And she had an event this afternoon to announce the Grand Marshal for the parade. The weather didn't entirely cooperate, but it could have been worse. The tent worked out well, thankfully.

Colin and Henry (our cats) were just crazy for attention today! I had to hold Henry several times. And Colin needed a lot of 'painting' (rubbing his head with his paint brush), which makes him so happy you wouldn't believe it. (smile) I guess it's going to be a few days before they believe we're not going to take off and disappear on them.

During the day today I watched some of "The Karate Kid" -- which I think was a good movie, personally. I'm interested to see how they do with the remake!

Tonight we're watching more of "The Alamo," which we're enjoying. I'm still reading my book, which is factual. The flavor of the movie is good, but it seems to me that it's got some details wrong. Of course, this movie was made way back in 1960, and they simply didn't know as much about the men and the circumstances then as they do now. In fact, they're discovering more information all the time.

Anyway, right or wrong, the movie is enjoyable to watch! And I love John Wayne every time I see him. How can you not enjoy a movie that has a cast including John Wayne, Richard Widmark, Laurence Harvey, Frankie Avalon and Linda Cristal? And John Wayne directed, too.

I'm typing this downstairs in the family room. Marilyn is snoozing on the sofa with Colin lying on her. (He's no light-weight, believe me.)

Well, I guess it's almost time for bed!

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