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Catch Up? Starting Tomorrow...

Marilyn and I have been pretty worn out today. She walked all the way home from taking her car in for work. Sister Sue suzy_qp dropped by at one point and we told her a little about the trip.

And we rested a lot.

Our cats (Colin and Henry) are so very happy to have us home again!

It poured down rain today -- and I didn't mind it a bit!

I'm not planning to go in to the office tomorrow. Instead I'm going to stay home and keep my poor right foot propped up and try not to walk on it. It's black and blue and swollen -- and, yes, it still hurts a lot. So I'll probably wait until Thursday to go in to the office...

I've got plenty of work I can do from home on the website, anyway.

Dick had to work tonight, Angel had something and Jodi was at the beach, so I phoned Laura and told her she and Logan could stay home. We'll figure out later when to have our Writing Circle for April...

I did start a story, at least, so I'll work on getting it finished before we meet.

Marilyn and I ate some Mexican food we got at Freddies. We never did have it while in San Antonio, believe it or not! Then we were watching the John Wayne version of "The Alamo," and enjoying it a great deal. We're both reading books on the Alamo that Marilyn bought at the airport coming home. Interesting stuff! We stopped part way through the movie, as we're both drooping. Time for a nap!!!

It's 9:30, when we normally do that here at home...

Oh! And I found my watch that didn't make the trip with me (the cats hid it). I tried the whole trip to find one to buy, with no luck!

I'm looking forward to spending some real time online again. Our internet connection SUCKED while at the hotel in San Antonio!!! We were disconnected over and over and over again. (sigh) So there was no chance to do much beyond our work (and barely to do that). Anyway, I've missed everyone here at LiveJournal and can't wait to finally catch up!

I'm yawning, so that's it for now...

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