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Packing at 4:30 a.m. -- Of Course.

I am now ready for the re-pack to take LESS. I've rejected several items I was going to take, and good riddance. (I love these clothes, don't get me wrong. I just don't want to haul them around with me!)

So back to it. I'd like to be resting, but there's too much to do. (We can always sleep on the plane, kinda... I'm far from the best traveler ever... sigh...)

I'm backing up jump drives, using Titan Backup (!!!), copying files from my Iomega to a jump (and NOT taking it along), charging cell phones and iPods, picking out DVDs to take and running around like a maniac. Why, oh why, is there so much to do???

Five days is a lot of clothes, though. No doubt about it! Gotta dash!

Tags: 2010, april-2010, backups, clothes, dvd, ipod, movie, packing, san-antonio, travel

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