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Yeah, I Do ROCK IT. (grin)

Peter calls me -- he's just arrived home and is phoning to let me know his Outlook/email isn't working. AND that it hasn't been working for a couple of DAYS. (sigh)

Um, Peter? Why didn't you tell me BEFORE now?

Well, I even dare to ask him that, and he explains he really did realize until 5:00 today -- so he decided to check it from home.

Anyway, let's just say that I fixed the problem and he's both getting and sending email just fine now.

Go, ME.

So I reminded him if he has additional problems to call me on my cell in Texas, as I can fix many things like this Remotely...

It's all about avoiding the cost of our IT Consultant while I'm on my trip (if at all possible). And clearly it should be do-able!

Marilyn's working late (Court Orientation tonight) and I'm doing things around the house for sister Sue suzy_qp to take over while we're gone. We're so DELIGHTED she's doing this for us, I can't even say.

I typed up instructions that included lots of really CUTE photos of our cats! Fun. I hope she likes them. I tried to print them at home today and that DAMN Kodak printer was out of ink. Yeah, that printer SOUNDED like a good deal, but it hasn't been -- so don't rush out to buy one. (Especially when you can get a cheap HP...)

More later, I hope. So much to do tonight before the big trip!!!

Tags: 2010, april-2010, cat-sitting, cats, it-manager, it-related, marilyn, peter, san-antonio, sister-sue

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