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Exhausting, Busy, Busy Day!

There are no WORDS for how busy today was! Seriously.

Yesterday we got our manicures and pedicures. (I had a sliver under my big toenail on the right foot, so I was in terrible pain. Long story that I'll make short by leaving at it this...)

We also started our shopping yesterday, thankfully, as we did a TON more today. Hopefully we have enough clothes and shoes to get us through the trip! Now we need to decide exactly what we're taking and what we're not. I still have a bunch of laundry to do before I can pack -- and thankfully I have tomorrow to finish up.

Marilyn has a hugely busy work day tomorrow -- and one that goes late! So she's dashing about right now to get some of her things done. I'm sure we'll be up late finishing tomorrow night...

Phooty had phoned me back on April 11 -- and I'd been so busy I never got back to her. So she called again today and I finally phoned her back (in the middle of a host of other things). Turns out she gave her one-of-a-kind photos to 'somebody dressed in white' back in January! Now she's hoping I can find them. (sigh)

Happily, Marilyn remembered who had them. I'd tried phoning someone I thought might have them, but that was going nowhere fast. Anyway, City Hall has them -- and Prime Minister Sue is getting them to give to Gayle who will scan 'em and get them to ME -- then I'll get them back to Phooty. Needless to say, this won't happen until I return from our trip! But at least they aren't LOST -- I'd feel awful (and responsible) if they were -- even though I never saw them myself that day!

I need to throw more color on my hair tomorrow. But as I said, we have nice manicures, nice pedicures, we tanned today (I even got a 'cocktail' of tanning bed and Mystic tan). And we have some cool sandals and clothes, so we should be good to go!

Tomorrow I'll type up sister Sue's suzy_qp instructions. I feel SO GOOD that she plans to spend a lot of quality time every day with our cats -- and be here to watch the house, too! Good deal!

I'll also do as much of the garbage and recycling done in advance as I can, to make that easy for her. And do some dishes and pick up around here. It's not awful, but...

Well, I'm dead beat. I think we need to head to bed soon. We didn't get a nap and we were dragging ass earlier...

Marilyn and I are both REALLY EXCITED -- and it should be great fun!

I hope we get to be online during the week. I'll hate to miss blogging if we can't...

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