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Informational Interview

I had an informational interview with a college senior who is about to graduate. He's focusing on both special events and websites, and somehow decided that he wanted to meet with me. You know, I never DID ask him how he got my name to contact me!

But from the way he knew the festival website, it's entirely possible he just 'found' me there. (I'm clearly listed as the webmaster all over it.) He had emailed and asked if we could meet for half an hour and I agreed, in spite of all my deadlines. That's something Marilyn has ALWAYS made time for, so I guess you could call her my inspiration!

We talked for a little over an hour. What was interesting for me as I shared with him was to realize just how much I know about the subject of websites. We actually pulled up webpages as we talked and looked at the code and discussed the back end of websites -- the part most people don't see and don't even know about (like meta tags, DMOS, server side includes, cutting edge Subscription calendars, Alexa and on and on). As I said to Marilyn when we were driving home, I could totally be teaching a class on this stuff. It's about far more than just website design, after all...

We were at work until late, getting home around 8:30 p.m. And it was a busy, busy day. Marilyn had to be at City Hall for the focus group (again) and she had TONS of Copy to write. I had some serious web coding (!!!) to do that I still haven't finished. (sigh)

I just had a major cramp in my right foot. Probably the combination of hoofing over to City Hall in bad shoes and climbing the stairs at work numerous times.

We had deli food (Chinese) tonight and are eating some cheese now. That's pretty much all either of us had to eat all day -- there was just no time. (Okay, we had string cheese. I guess that's better than nothin'...)

We both still need to WORK this weekend, along with getting ready for our trip. I also need to get things organized around here for sister Sue -- and type up her instructions (which I never really even started). Manicures, pedicures, tanning, hair, shopping, packing... I'm sure we'll get it all done somehow.

I talked with John in San Antonio today, again. We're all very excited about the trip! Sue and Dennis are still going, even though Sue's dad had a stroke. (We were afraid they'd need to cancel.)

It's around a quarter to 11:00 and I need a nap. Seriously. I'm really fading. Coding all day has my brain fried. Henry has finally settled in the chair next to me, after bugging me for a bunch of attention, sweet boy. I held him and loved him and he seems calm now.

It was a lovely, warm, summer-like day. So pretty! Marcia, Kristen and baby Lukas came by the office at one point today.

I guess that's about it. I hope I'm able to keep up my blogging while away on the trip!

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