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I Might Be a Convert! Google Chrome.

I'm not 100% sure yet, but I might become a Google Chrome convert...

Well, at least PART of the time.

I remain really fond of Firefox, even when I'm finding it annoying, because I love addons!

Of course, I found a cool IE tab extension for Chrome that let me use it for Remote Desktop -- something I've never done with Firefox. (I should check -- it's probably possible to get an addon for Firefox. I just didn't realize that!)

And, yeah (Jason and others), it is FAST as can be.

Now I need to see how to increase the font size (this entry font is TINY, for example -- not good with my poor eyes!). But I've just started to try it, so there's more to know.

Time for a nap -- it's been a VERY productive day! Plus I took a break and went OUT to lunch with sister Sue suzy_qp. So what do you think of that???

Tags: 2010, april-2010, browser, chrome, firefox, google-chrome, jason, sister-sue

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