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Friends Cut. (Sort Of!)

I just made a Friends Cut here at LiveJournal. You say, "But you said you'd never do that!" I say, "But it was only sort of a Friends Cut..."

What I did was actually LOOK at my Profile page, for a change. (smile) And I saw just how many people I'd friended who had either unfriended me, or never friended me back in the first place. So I decided to do some light house cleaning...

From the beginning, I've been a person who friends here and there. That's how I've made friends with so many AMAZING and INTERESTING people! And I've also tried to friend many who weren't interested in friending back -- so I've done this many times, too, a couple of people at a time, generally. The only difference today is that I didn't say to myself: "Well, you like reading ______, so why not keep her/him anyway?"

In a world where I have increasingly LESS and less FREE time, I've decided not to waste it reading about people who won't even friend me back. That's all. It's not like I assume anyone is reading me all the time -- because I know better. Tons of what I post is more boring than watching grass grow and can't possibly interest anyone but ME. (I'll bet you all get your fill of my IT and website woes, for sure!) Hey, that's as it should be. Most of the time I am actually journaling my life, as a person would do in a diary. I'm only rarely informative and only rarely political or religious in nature. This isn't the sort of blog you seek out for a fascinating read. It's just pretty much ME, day-to-day. (grin)

I also get this: There are lots of people here (at LiveJournal) who have no reason to be interested in me. Or maybe they originally think they might be, but they discover that's not the case after they've read my entries a couple times. Heck, that's fair for all of us!

Look, I've never been out to have hundreds of LJ Friends. Currently I have less than 150 people who have friended me. Actually, I prefer QUALITY (all of YOU) over QUANTITY. And, of course, I belong to an additional 250+ communities where I love reading, as well. I've got more than enough going on here, so I'm happy as a clam! Much more and I wouldn't have time for it anyway, not being a person who gets to 'play' online that much. (My work schedule pretty much keeps me from doing a lot of that...)

Okay, YES, I did keep a lot of 'friends' that are actually some person's fanfic journal, art journal, etc. These usually never friend back, so I don't expect it. In most all cases I'm already friends with the person who created them, anyway!

Friending Policies at LiveJournal can be confusing, at best. Should one automatically friend back every person who friends them? Of course not -- and I don't do that, either. Should one cut a person because their interests aren't the same as yours? It depends. Often I like reading about things that are nothing like my own life. (I'm not married, nor do I have kids, BUT I happen to like reading about people who have spouses and children. That's just one example!) Should one cut depending on maturity? Maybe. I don't think I've personally ever done that, but I've heard some good arguments in favor of this that make a lot of sense to me. I think the thing that seems most odd to me is cutting based on someone not posting often enough. It's not as if that person is spamming you, after all. And we all have times when we can't manage to post for one reason or another. It seems a shame to cut a person and never have the chance to find out WHY they went missing. (Recently a friend 'returned' who had been gone -- and she'd been terribly ill. Wouldn't that be a crazy reason for me to cut her???) Anyway, we all have our own policies, such as they are. Mine are pretty simple, for the most part. (Oh, I don't friend back if you never appear to post even part of your entries in English -- because it seems pointless to me if I'm unable to read what you've shared. I wish I could, but there it is!)

Wow, I rambled, didn't I? I didn't mean to -- I just wanted to mention that I (of all people) actually did a cut. It's pretty weird for me. But I actually feel good about it.

Now, time to get back to work!

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