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Busy Day.

The garbage and recycling are done (it's just past 8:00). I made homemade guacamole for dinner, and Marilyn and I have eaten that (and watched part of "Jeopardy"). We played with Virtual Villagers 4: The Tree of Life for a few (very few) minutes, solving the puzzle to Purify the Tree.

I've been coding away like MAD on the festival website, trying to get it as caught up as possible. I don't plan to work on it after Friday, figuring I'll need to concentrate on getting the house in order and getting ready to leave on our trip. I started typed up instructions (with photos) on everything for while we're away to share with those minding both the cats and house (a real relief to have the help, love and security -- we don't need to worry at all). We have an alarm system, so that's sometimes daunting to those who don't normally use one...

Sister Sue suzy_qp came by for a lesson on the cats (smile) and was very sweet and reassuring about us not worrying -- that she'll be here for us. It's so good to know she'll spend so much time at the house!!!

There was yet another IT issue today. (A monitor went out... sigh...) I thought it over at length and decided I'll have to continue to do IT while in Texas. There's no one else who can make those decisions, so I'll just have people call me if things come up. I'm actually glad to have that clear in my own head, so that I won't worry over it later.

I took a nap first thing this morning. My eyes were bothering me, and I decided the extra rest might help. And I'm about to take our usual evening nap, and looking forward to it!

Marilyn and I need to go buy a new monitor to replace the bad one. What a pain. And I've got at least two (maybe three) that are also about to go belly up. There's absolutely NO budget for equipment, but there's also NO CHOICE but to replace them.

The WFV Operations Manager (a contractor) started this week. He's taken over the spot I set up for Angel to use -- and even though it's more than twice the size of the Intern spots, apparently he and Angel can't manage to share the space. (What exactly is THAT about???) Anyway, Angel isn't in there that much, and he used the upstairs conference room Tuesday. Tyler (the OM) won't have a user profile (meaning no email account) this year (he did last year). He asked about Remote Desktop and showed me he could 'see' the festival computers -- but I made it clear NONE of those were 'extras,' meaning all are being used. Hopefully he gets that and won't try to log on to any of them... It's always something with IT Management, that's for sure!

I still chuckle over the idea of being introduced as the IT Manager while in Texas, though! Clearly Webmaster is more 'sexy' sounding -- and a little less geeky. (grin)

Well, nap time. I have photos to share, but no time (as yet) to upload and code to an entry! Soon, I hope...

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