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Getting Excited! San Antonio Next Week!

Sue B. came in for a meeting with Marilyn and me today -- our pre-travel plans for our trip to attend Fiesta San Antonio next week! We leave on Tuesday and come back Sunday. (We have family and friends cat and house sitting for us while we're gone.)

We're getting really EXCITED about this trip! It's the first real trip we've taken in ages. We have been on a plane in years.

John called me early today from San Antonio and is excited for us to come. He's been coming to Portland for our festival for years and years.

We're official representatives of our festival, so we're taking along our uniforms to wear. The Fiesta people have these huge itineraries for us, so we've only got a few hours that aren't planned. Interesting! They take us EVERYWHERE while we're there, if you can imagine.

We'll be staying at the The St. Anthony Hotel, which looks pretty amazing!

Marilyn and I were joking around and laughing about my 'title' as a festival rep:

Person in San Antonio: "So, what do you do for the festival?"

Me: "I'm the Webmaster and IT Manager."

Seriously, could that be more geeky? Wow, that's one of the best we could do, folks. Sorry! (heh) You have to get that other reps from around the country will be Queens and festival Presidents and so on. It's crazy!

Thankfully Marilyn has a real and more impressive title. And Sue B. will be our festival President next year (her current title is President-Elect). She also our major parade chairman.

Sue's husband, Dennis, is rounding out our group, and I think the four of us will have a BLAST. We have two dress affairs to attend, but much of it will be casual. Understand that it's been clearly stated that we can NOT wear shorts while we're there, heat or no heat. But we can wear slacks or capris -- or dresses (of course). I'm hoping I won't be seen as too shocking, with my armband tattoo and personality to match!

We need to do some serious shopping this weekend, as I don't have many normal slacks (no jeans allowed). Normally I do wear jeans to work, because as the IT Manager (!!!), I'm always crawling on the floor, under desks and so on -- and normal pants get filthy! And I carry around computer towers and other such things. It's messy, you know? Or as I like to say: "Isn't my work glamorous?"

Kris came in today to help move the Server (now that the City has raised the cabinet in the IT Room enough so we can fit the Server on the counter). We did it during Staff meeting. Go figure: The only time Staff meeting goes SHORT (half an hour), is when we're doing this task that takes more than an hour! Oh, brother. Typical.

It was far from easy, but I'm glad we got it done. Now the only thing still on the floor is the Phone Server.

Anyway, the phones had static again, so I had to phone Rick to come in. I had numerous people (including Jeff) come up to ask me about it. Poor Paul! By the time he was there, I ended up throwing cheese at him when he brought it up, yet again! (Actually, I didn't throw the cheese until he repeated it as he headed down the staircase...) My answer (repeatedly) was "Rick will be here at 1:30 or 2:00." It's pretty amazing he was willing to come in the SAME day to help us out. Jeff did praise me for 'being on top of things,' so it's all good...

I'm really glad that sister Sue suzy_qp got to come in to see the office for the first time. She loved the building and thought Marilyn's office was amazing (it is). But my feeling were a little hurt that she thought my cube was cluttered. Yeah, I do have a lot of stuff. Hey, it takes stuff to manage IT, after all. Oh well. I know she didn't really mean anything by it. (Of course I'd been helping Marilyn Sunday night, so I had a bunch of stuff I hadn't put away. I did do that today, after Sue left... And it does look better now.)

Frankly, I love my area and enjoyed getting to sit there today -- and actually spend time working there. Since we moved in to the building, I'm always busy somewhere else and don't spend a lot of time in my own space. No big deal, as our lease is for 20 years. I always say "Come back in 20 years and talk to me." (smile)

Rick came in as promised and fixed the phone issue. But Tiffany's phone was still messed up. I had Hailey swap out her phone with the lunch room phone (we don't really need a phone in there). I was going to set it up for Tiffany, but Hailey did it! She ROCKS! I was really pleased not to have to do it.

Aside from IT, I did do some website work today.

Anyway, it was another BUSY day! I'm about to take a soak in the tub and have a nap. Marilyn and I have been watching some TV since we got home. It's been nice!

I colored my hair this morning (finally). It looks really nice.

And I now have 890 Followers at Twitter...

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