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Clown Corps Graduation and Late Night at the Office

Today at 3:30 (across the street from the Rose Building) was the 2010 Clown Corps Graduation. The performances were AMAZING! It turned out to be a really good event with decent attendance -- and a great new batch of clowns to join the Corps (with the classes of 2008 and 2009). Logan and Kris (Laura's BF and my IT Consultant) were two of this year's group! (woo hoo)

I got to finally meet Faith, Kris' GF today. That was nice! She was there to see him graduate. (Kris got to do some repeating short skits that were cute -- he did a good job!)

Angel did a great skit, using Karen (a Seasonal person). She was excellent! She'd told me in advance she was nervous (she's shy and not fond of being in front of people), but I thought she was wonderful! I gave her one of the balloon roses Brian made -- he did great with these, by the way! He was there dressed as a clown (Class of 2009), taking photos, as always. He got to do a skit, too -- and was terrific! I was so proud of ALL the clowns today!

Marilyn had to go and give her usual talk to the class of clowns at noon, so I did a few things around the house (mainly picked up the kitchen and did some dishes).

We had fun playing computer games and napping (I even read a little). Then tonight we went in to the office (the Rose Building) to do some organizing and cleaning up before the start of a new week. TONS and TONS of boxes had been brought into Marilyn's space, and we needed to decide what to do with all of them. I carried maybe six or more (mostly loaded with historical video tapes) up to the closet in the upstairs conference room, so I'm pretty bushed now. (Wow, was I sweating like crazy going up and down that long, long staircase!) We put stuff away there, re-arranged some of the archive shelves (Sue and Dennis brought back all the library items from the old building -- plus the above-mentioned boxes). And finally we re-arranged some things in Marilyn's storage unit.

When we left most of the office was looking pretty nice! We want to keep it that way, as we have visitors CONSTANTLY (it's a historic building, after all -- and so beautiful). Besides, both Marilyn and I want it to ALWAYS look nice -- or as nice as it can, considering we're a WORKING festival, which means we do have to have things in there (like souvenir programs and brochures, jackets for Directors and Staff and on and on).

I was a bit disturbed to find one of my drawers OPEN, another ajar and several that had clearly been rifled through. This might have been Staff people, but if not, it means the Cleaning crew (which are in there on Sundays) was in my stuff. And, YES, I am anal enough to know if someone has been in one of my drawers. I keep them just so, and have always been able to tell this in every office where I've worked my entire life... I sent out an email to the Staff to ask if anyone had been in there. If it's Staff, okay. But if it's the Cleaning people, then it needs to be addressed. (Been there in the past with Cleaning people we couldn't trust...)

It was a nice day, if not perfect. Warm and only slightly overcast most of the day! But it was raining tonight while we were at the building and we're expecting more rain this week. (sigh)

So far no one has died in our Virtual Villagers 4: The Tree of Life tribe. Alex, our oldest villager, is now 67. We're constantly nervous that she'll be dead when we turn the game back on again. It runs even when you have it turned off, unless you pause it entirely...

We have 31 villagers now, including many children (they're so cute!). What FUN this game is!

Well, that's it for now. We're going to maybe watch a little TV before bed (and eat leftover popcorn from last night). We had a good weekend and did manage to get some much-needed rest. (woo hoo)

Oh! And I'm up to 881 Followers now at Twitter!

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