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Back from Shopping at Ross.

We got a few things (both of us found festival uniform pants, which we needed) at Ross.

I got a black dress for the trip -- Evan-Picone! It's a $109.00 dress that I got for $22.99. How about that? Cool, huh? It should pack well and not hold wrinkles, a good thing for a trip.

Marilyn got Audra pants -- made by Liz Claiborne -- as her uniform pants. We both love the Audra pants, and get a kick out of them being named that. (smile) Her pants were normally $59.00, and she got them for $14.99.

So, as you can see, we got some bargains!

Marilyn is sitting beside me playing Zuma, so I'm thinking I'll do that, too...

Tags: 2010, april-2010, clothes, marilyn, shopping, zuma

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