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Home Office for Friday? Yep. eNewsletter and More...

So, I ended up staying home today to work here, while Marilyn went to her parade meeting this morning and then in to the Rose Building (the office). She never took a break all day, nor ate a bite until she got home here!

I managed to FINALLY finish up the eNewsletter for this week (it turned out GREAT, I think), as well as do some IT and work on the festival website. It was a VERY PRODUCTIVE day, in other words!

And I had Virtual Villagers 4: The Tree of Life running all day long on Marilyn's computer (which is on the desk right next to mine), so I could 'check up' on what all those little people were up to. (smile) The only problem was that I was too busy to give them much of my attention, so at one point I had them paused for hours! It's all good -- their society is progressing nicely and they're all growing wiser and older nicely. (smile)

We've solved most of the puzzles (Marilyn and I together), and now I'm yawning like mad and really need a nap!

After Marilyn got home we dashed out to Safeway in St. Johns and bought their deli Chinese food. For whatever reason, we love to do that on Friday nights (and we've missed a couple weeks, so we were overdue). We figured we'd really earned a treat after all the work we both did this past week!!!

We've got Clown Corps graduation on Sunday, but we're looking forward to having tomorrow off! (woo hoo) It's supposed to be nice, too. This past week has been so COLD!!! (brr)

Anyway, I was glad I stayed home. I would have had even more IT stuff if I'd been in the office, and I don't think I could have finished the eNewsletter there. It was fairly complicated, covering WFV and a ton of other things. It might be a bit conceited of me, but I think it's just beautiful this time out.

Well, I seriously need that nap! Later!

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