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Website Stud? You Bet!

I started my day out with (yet another) IT Emergency at the festival office. I'm still amazed the ringing phone woke me, as I was dead to the world...

Marilyn and I had suspected the Server was down, as we couldn't use Remote Desktop to get on to work yesterday (Easter Sunday). As it WAS a holiday, we decided 'what the heck' and didn't rush in to fix things! In fact, we did little or no work, incredible as that is.

But when Marilyn went in for her very early morning meeting (which had been canceled without TELLING her), the Server was, indeed, down. So she phoned me and came to get me. (I had about ten minutes to get up, brush my hair and teeth, check my blood and get dressed -- which I somehow managed to do!) She helped me fix the issue, then I hung out with Kris who came in to tackle more IT issues. And we made some progress today! (woo hoo)

After Marilyn's 10:00 Manager's Meeting (which went long, I thought), we packed up and headed home. I've been working on the website pretty much ever since. I just finished up (it's going on 9:00), while Marilyn got her massage therapy from Amanda.

Well, for NOW, anyway! She and I need to tackle one of the pages AND do a News item (that's four pages of code) -- so I'm not done yet. (smile)

Anyway, I've put in another long day of work, and I'm ready for a break and a nap. (My eyes would love NOT looking at code for an hour or so...)

Marilyn just told me Amanda progress on her shoulder (woo hoo) -- and I made progress on the website. So it's all good!

And Marilyn is taking her birthday off (this coming Wednesday), so we're excited about that! Life is good!

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