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Exhausting Day...

I just got up from a nap where I couldn't even read more than a page of my current book, because I was too damn tired...

Marilyn and I are now thinking about dashing out to see a movie, though! The weekend is officially HERE! (woo hoo)

On an unrelated note, I just saw the end of "Wall Street" -- with pimpage for the sequel! Very cool.

I managed to give Orientation to two -- count 'em, two -- more Interns today!

I was RACING to finish up a News item (four pages to code) for the festival website, before the first Orientation at 9:00 a.m. Meanwhile, Marilyn was getting ready to dash out to City Hall for the Focus Group meeting that ran ALL DAY LONG. (Who can stand those multi-hour meetings??? Yikes, not me.)

Kris came in today to work on IT -- thankfully so, as MY phone wasn't working and I was going nuts! I'm at the top of a HUGE staircase (my cube is upstairs) -- and not having a phone to communicate with others in the office means RUNNING up and down to do so. Oh hell no!

I can't go in to the rest of it now. Marilyn just told me about LiveJournal's 'lovely' (NOT!!!) decision to disappear our icons (!!!) for us. Gee, thanks, LJ. I wouldn't want to decide that for myself, now would I?

I feel a BIG RANT coming on here!!!

Well, I have more details to share, but it will have to happen later. I'm out-of-here!

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