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Another Busy Day (at the Home Office, Today)...

Aside from working for AGES on the Excel spreadsheet that lists the festival computer equipment (!!!), I also actually worked on the WEBSITE today (!!!) for a change. That kept me really busy, anyway!

And I never mentioned that Jason (of dotCal) came by to see me on Tuesday, and brought his puppy Remy with him!

Jason and Remy
Both Jason and Remy are adorable! (heh)

Yes, the garbage and recycling are DONE (woo hoo), and I'm goofing off on the computer now, NOT working.

Henry is sound asleep in Marilyn's chair next to me in the office. Marilyn is downstairs in the family room, but she's apparently on her computer (and not napping), as I just saw something from her... (smile)

I just got SEVERAL website updates from Carol. One included the fleet page. This is freaky. I had Peter telling me HE would give me fleet updates. I explained that Jim (a Board Member) always does that. Then Peter told me twice more that he (or Laura) would update me. At the recent Board Meeting, I went to Jim and asked him about it. He assured me that HE would give me the fleet info. And now Carol is giving me fleet stuff.

Um, what's WRONG with this picture???

I'd assume that Jim would be the best person for this info, but I can't exactly IGNORE the others who are suddenly in the mix. Or can I?

Guys, I'd prefer to have ONE (and only one) person send me this info for 2010. (sigh)

No, the website isn't an easy job, no matter how hard I try to make it easier... Some days I wonder how I manage to keep smiling about it. (Happily, I'm smiling about it right now. Otherwise I could be sitting here with my head about to POP.)

Well, on that note, I'm either going to go have a nap, go to bed period, or play Zuma mindlessly for ages. Not sure which one. My eyes are doing their 'freakout' thing (too much time sitting staring at the computer, I guess), so I should think about sleep. But my brain is wide awake and I suspect it won't shut off any time soon...

In the cool news category, I heard from Laura and her computer is up and running! I'm happy for her (and Logan). They've been without the internet for weeks now! (yikes)
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