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Home Office? Still an IT Day in Many Ways...

Today is a lovely, sunny day in Portland, Oregon! (I imagine it must be GORGEOUS at the Rose Building!)

Me? I'm still feeling the effects of being tired beyond expressing. But I did sleep in until 9:00 a.m. Marilyn was at a meeting by that time. Nothing holds her back. She amazes me.

I tried to reach sister Sue suzy_qp this morning to go to Starbucks and shopping, but couldn't. She was already off shopping, I guess. Oh well. (I like to try and connect with her weekly when possible, but that's how it goes...)

I've still been working on IT from here at home today. For example, I helped Hailey resolve the issue with the copier (happily BEFORE the repair people came on site and charged us for their services).

And Kris (our IT Consultant) and I had a long phone conversation about existing IT concerns -- hopefully not missing anything of importance. We've got a few things to take care of, but it should be under control within a few days (knock on wood).

On the webmaster side of my job, I got word from our website provider today that they'd discovered a virus on their server (!!!). They don't think any code was infected, but I'll need to check things over and see what's what. The hard thing? It's literally hundreds of pages of code. I don't really even know how many, due to all these extra pages required for stat purposes... (sigh)

Anyway, I'd planned to work on some website pages, as I'm behind due to all the attention I've needed to focus on IT because of our recent Move. But it seemed like a message from above that I should REST a bit today -- and as our (wonderful) website Host took away FTP while working on the problem, it was a moot point! (grin)

I've randomly checked some of the uploaded pages, but I'm wondering if I need to download pages and read over code. That would take me FOREVER to do. I can't even imagine how many hours and days we'd be talking about. It's not like anyone else can help with it, either...

You know what? I'm not even going to think about it right now. It's just too stressful, in all honesty. (The very idea makes my head want to pop.)

In fact, I think I'll go have a nap! Now there's a good idea...

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