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Busy IT Work Day at the Festival Office

I went to the festival office (in our new Rose Building) today. Needless to say, it was a CRAZY IT day. There was a TON to get done. I needed to get the Graphics computer up and running (done), set up Beth's computer (done), set up Tiffany's computer (done) and try to set up computers at the other Intern stations (there are six in all). I still need to find a place to set up Angel's computer for him to Remote to, if possible. There's no room for an actual station (I had an idea, but I don't think it will fly), but he can use WiFi with his laptop when he comes in...

I'm so EXHAUSTED. I had to concentrate so hard again today (aside from lifting and carrying a lot of heavy equipment). I'm just both mentally and physically weary,

Thankfully Marilyn took me for a break. We went down and had a ride on Sauvie Island (we stopped for food and I got hotdogs... yum...). The weather is very spring-like -- going between rainy and sunny. Not bad at all, really.

The building has many little things that need correcting. Grommets need to be added to some of the furniture for computer power cords (etc.). Rough desk edges need to smoothed. The lights are automatic and kept turning on and off in one area. Some drawers won't open, while others fall open. It's a lot of stuff like that. We've got a list going. I need the built-in IT cabinet raised several inches. Currently it's too low, so we can't fit the Server on the IT counter, where it belongs. Right now it's sitting on the floor -- a bit inconvenient to use! (smile)

Our phones are working, but we have poor internet connectivity. And we're having issues sending emails. I'm hoping we'll get this under control tomorrow or the next day.

Anyway, it's great to be home tonight. I'm worn out. Marilyn is upstairs greeting Amanda and getting ready to have a massage. I'm watching TV in the family room while I type this on my laptop. Then I plan to lie down and read a bit before having a nap.

I'll be going in tomorrow, as usual. I'm planning to skip Staff meeting and just keep working. I have to set up eight (or more) phones and the other computers I mentioned above. I've taken in some four boxes (three are file boxes) that I need to unpack, as well, time permitting.

As you can imagine, that nap is sounding really GOOD right now...

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