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Our New Rose Building!


Guess where WE went first thing this morning? (smile)

Yes, we went back to the new building and worked for a couple hours. Jeff was there for a short time, as was Pam. Carol was there (again) and Rich was there until we left. And I phoned Laura who helped me find my 'missing' keyboards and mice! (woo hoo)

Then we came home and watched a little TV and had long naps. Even now I still feel tired, so I imagine it will be several days before we're rested up again. (Again???)

I took in several boxes of stuff I'd been keeping here at home since November. Nice to get them out of here! I still have three MORE boxes to take back in, too.

Then I worked on setting up computers. I need to get another five ready for Interns. I didn't get very far on that, but will happily finish up on Monday. I'm hoping that by Tuesday I'll have all of these ready to go, which would mean a major piece of IT would be DONE for the 2010 Season! (woo hoo)

I think at least one of these (if not more) actually need to be added to the Server (system), so I'll probably have to start by removing applications to prepare for reinstalling them. No big deal. The last one went really smoothly.

We're able to use Remote Desktop now, but email isn't 100% functional yet -- and we're barely able to get on the internet even part of the time. So hopefully that will be addressed the first of the week.

I look forward to getting the rest of my boxes in to the office (and UNPACKED). I've had a huge stack of them just outside the door to my bedroom. Very unlovely and annoying.

Aside from work (which I talk about a ton this time of year -- even when we're not moving), Marilyn and I are thinking about running to see a movie tonight (popcorn!!!), maybe. That would be fun!

And we might get a new hog (hidden object game) to play, too...

Life is good! We're tired (and sore), but we've survived and are HAPPY!

I'm starved, so I think I'll fix us some dinner! (woo hoo)

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