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Festival Move to the Rose Building -- Day One

We're home (it's now around 8:30 p.m.). That makes today a 12 hour day, I think...

We lifted heavy things (like computers, etc.) and went up and down the long, long staircase and on and on.

We don't have internet, meaning we don't have either computers or phones -- our phones are VoIP (voice over IP). We HOPE we'll have this in place tomorrow morning, but who knows?

Meanwhile, we moved most of the computer equipment (towers, keyboards, cables, mice, mouse pads, scanners, monitors and so on) -- and got a good deal of it set up.

The interesting thing was having every person 'tear down' their OWN computers (putting things into the computer bags and labeling things). That worked out really well, actually! (Last time I did it all myself...)

I'm tired out, but it could have been worse. (The last time -- discussed here -- Marilyn and I were there until 11:00 working alone -- and so tired I was near tears from exhaustion... so...) When we left tonight it was a GROUP of us, that included Kris, Ron, Brian (Carol's husband, who has been an amazing help), Carol, Aisha (Carol and Brian's daughter) and Marilyn and me. Nice not to have it be just the two of us working for hours and hours late.

The Rose building (our new office building) is BEAUTIFUL. Seriously. I need to get some photos (Marilyn and Laura got a bunch) and share.

Our tour made The Oregonian (I just read it online), which is cool!

Anyway, we need to be back at it FIRST THING in the morning for the 'official' Move (with the actual movers), so I'm anxious to eat something and have a nap. I took heavy-duty pain pills for my back and was able to lift and carry with the best of 'em all day. I'm sore now, but surviving nicely so far.

It was a long, hard day, but a good one, too!

I love working for the festival. And I have to say it's going to be VERY COOL to go 'home' to our new building! (smile)

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