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Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Still in pain? Yeah. I ended up taking heavy-duty pain pills at one point and just lying flat on my (sore) back for hours, dozing.

But I did get some work done and did the garbage and recycling. And Marilyn came home for lunch, and I fixed bacon and eggs, which we were both craving. (yummy) She had to go back to the office, but at least she got a short break.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!

Marilyn got home around 7:00 p.m., and then I fixed dinner: roastbeef hash mixed with string beans, golden hominy and cottage cheese -- one of our faves! This with coffee and half a beer each made up our St. Patrick's Day dinner. (grin)

I need to go nap and rest my sore back. It hurts like hell to bend over and to lift anything. And guess what? I'll probably spend the next two days doing both things CONSTANTLY. We have our official Move day this Friday, but we'll be doing a bunch of it tomorrow (probably until late, if last time is any example). Wow. Taking a hard fall on Tuesday? Timing is everything! (hahahahaha)

Happily I have good pain killers around here... And a strong 'can do' attitude!

Social Media? Well, I consider LiveJournal my favorite place to play, Social Media-wise. I continue to love LJ, no matter how hard the Admin here tries to annoy me. (heh) I love my LJ Friends and love blogging.

But I'm really crazy about Twitter now, too! And I'm just shy of 700 Followers as of today (697).

I still don't play that much at Facebook, but I'm getting better about it. And I never did get into MySpace, nor do I ever expect to. (ugh)

Yeah, I do LinkedIn and Plaxo and a handful of others, too. Obviously YouTube. But LJ is still TOPS with me! (smile)

Our Social Media presentation went really well. Marilyn did such a GREAT JOB organizing it all! And Laura was amazing. Both Tim and Dan (from the Board) were also good. And Jeff and Robert were good sports about us using them as examples during the meeting.

Eventually I need to do more Social Media tutorials, when I have time to breathe again!

Marilyn and I are looking forward to this coming weekend -- especially after the Move is over.

Please keep your fingers crossed for me that the IT side goes well, will you? (I wouldn't mind a few prayers, for that matter.) Hopefully it will all go perfectly and we'll be back up and running with no problem before next Monday! I certainly hope so...

Well, time for more relaxation (it's okay, poor back) and rest (get strong, body). Tomorrow isn't that far away now!
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