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Why, Why, WHY??? Damn You, LiveJournal! (heh)

What GIVES???

Why isn't the Profile Page CALLED Profile in the navigation anymore??? 'My Stuff' doesn't do it for me.

Why is the Profile Page CHANGED? As I've said (and said and said), if it's not broken, why are you fixing it???

All the GOOD suggestions that get made and LiveJournal decides to do this shit.

I'd say forgive my language, but I'm not going to. I came home EXHAUSTED (and sore) and hungry, but in a REALLY GOOD MOOD -- but this just bugs.

Anyway, I'll blog all about my day later.

Let's just say it started with me having a chair collapse under me -- and falling hard to the floor at 10:00 a.m. this morning (the beginning of Staff meeting). I had too much to do to stop and have drama, so I just kept on working all day long without stopping. (We took a short lunch break to eat, but that was it.) I think I'm probably bruised, but I'll survive.

Okay, that enough for now. I want to totally veg before bedtime now...

But don't get me wrong -- our Board Meeting went really well, and I'm really proud of my part in it. Marilyn did a GREAT job! (She just rocks it, especially when it comes to public speaking.) And Jeff, Laura and Robert did great jobs, too.

And we did go for drinks after and were laughing up a storm. Very fun! More tomorrow...

Tags: accident, board-meeting, hungry, livejournal-improvements, livejournal-rant, pain, staff-meeting, tired, work

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