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This Has Been a Tutorial-Writing Day for Me...

We're focusing on Social Media for our next festival Board Meeting (Tuesday, March 16), so I spent ages working on a 'how to' (tutorial) for ClubRunner (which is our simple, interactive website to help Board Members self-maintain records and info). It has all the usual screencaps and careful step-by-step instructions.

Marilyn mistressmarilyn had me work on ClubRunner, which I was glad to do.

I always play to the dumbest possible reader, trying not to skip a single step. Frankly, I remember when I was the DUMB ONE, trying to understand Paint Shop Pro tutorials years ago. It always seemed like the person writing them would leave out STEPS and SETTINGS -- and I'd struggle and struggle trying to follow what they wrote!

Of course, I've been writing this sort of thing FOREVER. So happily I have a lot of practice. It still takes a long time to do, making sure you have all the right screencaps and so on.

I also started one on Twitter, not aware that Laura was doing a similar document. She didn't include screencaps, though -- and it's not as detailed about the actual setup. And seriously, the people who will be at this meeting need a lot of hand-holding. The more we can get into the document, the less questions we'll have to answer latter on!

Laura sent her document to me and I sent mine to her. Now I'm hoping we can combine them and end up with a really useful document!

My next goal is to tackle the basics for Facebook...

We're focusing on Facebook and Twitter -- aside from getting them using ClubRunner. ClubRunner is taking the place of us creating a printed Directory, by the way, so it's really essential from that perspective. Getting the Board to use it? Well, that's another story! Hopefully they'll see that it's easy to do and give it a try...

And on that note, back to WORK!!!

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