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He was here promptly, arriving 10 minutes BEFORE his 9:00 a.m. appointment. He called himself 'the appraiser' -- but after I introduced myself by my first name he warmed and told me his name was Will. (I'm guessing his accent was German and that he was in late 60's or early 70's.)

He wanted to do his thing entirely alone (!!!), so that bugged a bit. Normally I shadow someone I don't know when they walk through my house! But I let him run around outside and in, while I worked on the computer in our office. He was done by 20 past, so the whole inspection took half an hour. He drew a neat map on a blank sheet on his clipboard and used a tape measure. I assume it went fine -- I guess we'll find out when Marilyn mistressmarilyn hears the results.

It was CREEPY to have someone running all over the house, opening every door and looking into everything. I don't remember this happening during other appraisals, but it's been ages since we had one. Plus things may have changed, so...

He left Marilyn's bathroom door open (we keep it closed to keep the cats out), he left the door to the utility room open (not sure why... ???) and he left my shower curtain open. I don't know about outside, as I didn't go check. It was pouring down rain most of the day -- and we've had wind, too. Blustery! (I'm using my 'blustery' icon, even though it's designed for autumn weather, and this was spring blustery... smile...)

I'm glad to have the appraisal done, anyway. And it did force me to drop everything else (meaning WORK) to spend time on the house, which is a very good thing! We could still use additional cleaning, but gave us a good start, anyway. It's not that I don't like to keep the place clean, but it's hard with the schedules we keep. By the time we get a free moment away from work, we're tired (both physically and mentally), and don't feel like housework.

Don't get me wrong. I cleaned in our office quite a bit when we moved the new furniture in. And the livingroom gets attention all the time. I also try to keep the kitchen and my bathroom decent. But generally nobody else goes in the family room besides Marilyn and me. The same is true for Marilyn's bedroom and the utility room, And I'm the only one who goes in my bedroom (which becomes a catch-all for things from other rooms)... (Marilyn keeps her bathroom pretty nice, usually. I forgot to mention it.)

So getting on top of Marilyn's bedroom, the family room, the utility room and my bedroom??? VERY COOL! I'm so pleased! I guess I should take some photos! (grin)

Anyway, it's nap time at our house. Marilyn has Colin sleeping on her (on the family room sofa). And I imagine Henry is sleeping in his cat bed. So the whole house is ready for rest. (smile) My turn!

Life is good. Yeah, still really (really, really) BUSY (!!!), but GOOD!

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