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Nine O'Clock. I'm DONE for Today.

I did a bunch of festival work this morning, early. (And on and off during the day, too.)

Then I cleaned house for hours. Seriously.

Then sister Sue suzy_qp and I went to Wal-Mart to shop. I was already exhausted, and this made me even more so... (No, grocery shopping is NOT fun.)

Then I came home and packed it all into the house (with help from Sue). Then I put it all away. (sigh)

Thankfully I ate a burger in the car coming home, because I was starved.

Then? Well, I started cleaning again.

It's not GREAT around here, but it's much, much better than before. Yeah, I could easily do more, but I'm tired and I'm just done. Stick a fork in me. I need to nap.

Oh. And I also did the garbage and recycling during all this, happily, so it's out of the way, too.

I've been sneezing and sneezing from the dust and allergies (everything is wildly in bloom around here), so that hasn't helped one bit.

Poor Marilyn mistressmarilyn had a DINNER to attend directly after work tonight (!!!), so she's still there. I hope she doesn't get out and out sick after this long day...

And on that note...

Tags: 2010, cleaning, garbage-and-recycling, housecleaning, march-2010, marilyn, shopping, sister-sue, sleepy, tired, walmart, work

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