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Today at the Festival Office...

I slept in, but still managed to be up close to 7:30 a.m. (Marilyn mistressmarilyn was in a meeting by that time, so you can see why I say I got to sleep in!).

The good thing about getting today was that I had time to wash my hair and get ready, PLUS to code two pages at the festival website before Marilyn came to pick me up to go to the office.

After Staff meeting (Jeff was back from his trip!), I had orientation with our new Staff member, Jodi. I was impressed by her skills (she prefers Firefox, has a strict computer policy at home and learned computers in the DOS days) and think she's going to fit in nicely with our gang.

When Marilyn and I took our short (10-minute?) lunch break, I told her how often I end up doing IT-related work that I don't even bother to mention when blogging! It's just a collection of so many small things, like installing, uninstalling or reinstalling softwares, modifying application settings, messing with hardware in some fashion and on and on. Today I even burned a couple copies of an image DVD for Paul (normally I'd show him how and make him do it, but he was stuff for ages at the printer printing out envelopes with addresses).

When Madhu had issues with Quick Books on Jodi's computer that we'd cloned from her computer, I successfully did the uninstall and reinstall. Madhu had been worried that Sara had issues when adding a new license in the past (Sara never wanted my help with this, so I had no clue how it was originally done), but thankfully it worked out fine. I treated it no differently that the recent setup of our Auction software on four machines, where each instance points to specific Server files... Anyway, it worked -- and that's what matters!

I'd hoped to sit in on some of the Clown Corps auditions today, but there was simply no time! I was going almost every second (except for that short food break) -- and had people asking me constant questions all day long even while I was doing other tasks. Yeah, it was one of THOSE days. In fact, it's almost always like that whenever I'm physically in the office. No wonder I get so little website work done, I guess.

I did get the new Princess coded and up, though! And found time to Tweet the addition. I'm now up to 566 followers at Twitter. Almost all of those I've gained in under two months of activity there. (woo hoo) And I'm on 47 lists... And Tweeting while watching the Oscars was an AMAZING experience -- one I'll never forget!

We have our Board Meeting coming up, focusing on Social Media. Marilyn has some clever ideas about it and it should prove both informative and fun! The good news is that we finally got WiFi for the venue where we're meeting. Otherwise we'd be screencapping like crazy and working on a PowerPoint presentation to explain things like Twitter, much better explained by just GOING THERE and SHOWING IT to the audience...

In eight days we'll be done with Court announcements (15 girls in all -- over 15 weekdays) for 2010. On the last day of announcements (a week from this Friday), we'll also be MOVING into our new building! So this is a crazy-busy time for us (especially those of us who are directly involved with the move).

Marilyn and I actually left work before 5:00 tonight (!!!). She had a fierce headache and seems to be fighting off a bug. She got almost NO sleep last night (except for a short nap after her massage). She was washing her hair around 3:00 a.m., but I gave in and went to bed around 3:30, so I have no idea when she finally slept. I do know she said she only got a couple of hours before needing to get up for that meeting. February/March have traditionally been difficult months for Marilyn her entire life, health-wise. I'm just pulling she doesn't catch a bug, because there's absolutely no time for her to be sick. She'll have to drag herself to work no matter what, because we can't do this move without her!

We're re-financing the house right now, too, so an appraiser is coming out on Thursday morning. Sorry, buddy, but you'll have to deal with the rooms that are a mess! I just can't worry about it right now, considering the workload and time of year. Whatever.

We talked about maybe going to Wal-Mart tonight, if Marilyn was feeling up to it. We really need to get some things there (and at Freddies, too), but I think we'll have to live without it for now. After all, she needs REST -- and that's a priority.

Sister Sue suzy_qp is having a bitch of a time with her mouth after her oral surgery, I'm afraid. She was suffering so much that it pretty nearly screwed up her cribbage experience last weekend. I keep praying she'll get better and adjust, and any additional prayers would be greatly welcome, guys!

Oh! Marilyn did a training session during Staff meeting on email that was really good. Angel helped, using his 'virtual' (air) laptop -- really cute! This made it fun, even though she did convey some IMPORTANT things during the training, that Jeff really backed up. She reminded people to keep email human and warm, even while making it business-like. And she mentioned things like proper and meaningful subject lines, using spellcheck, breaking things into readable paragraphs and so on. (She also made a PDF that I still need to upload at our 'how to' portion of the website.) Marilyn also reminded people that there's no expectation of privacy and that emails are legal documents that can be subpoenaed. Anyway, it's a good reminder for both our year-round Staff and our seasonal people.

It's been REALLY COLD here, and Marilyn's been chilled -- so I guess it's no wonder she's fighting a bug. I went back and looked at last year (2009), and found that we had SNOW on February 26. So I guess the cold weather shouldn't really surprise me! (smile)

Well, I think I should either get more sleep or do some work now. (I'd rather just read LJ Friends and comment or PLAY at Twitter -- as opposed to working there. But come ON, Charlie!) Marilyn and I did get a new HOG (hidden object game) that we've just started to play and which seems to be really fun! So as always we're mixing in some FUN with our constant work. (grin)

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