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A March 'Vacation' Trip to Seaside, Oregon

As I reported (briefly) yesterday, Marilyn mistressmarilyn and I were taking a drive to the beach -- planning on one of our usual day-trips. On the way, Marilyn suggested we try and get a room and stay overnight, and I thought it was a great suggestion!

We went to Shilo Inns, one of our favorite places to stay in Seaside, which is right on the beach, near the turnaround. Perfect for just walking to anywhere you want to go. (You can take a virtual tour HERE.) We were lucky, because with the 2010 Dorchester Conference going on, things were really booked -- and the whole city was PACKED (truly crowded) with people! We got one of the last two rooms they had left!

After hanging out in the room and enjoying the sunshine from the lanai, we went down to the restaurant to eat. Then we played some Fascination, hurrying back to the room to enjoy the sunset. Then we ordered "Sherlock Holmes" and began watching it. We stopped part way to go and play more Fascination. And in the middle of all this, we went out hunting for popcorn and other snacks to enjoy while watching the movie. We never did find popcorn, but it's one of the free amenities of the hotel, so they actually brought up some microwave popcorn which was the perfect treat!

Time for a PHOTO share!!!

Photos of our of March 6, 2010 Trip to Seaside, Oregon

Seaside, Oregon, March 6 - 1
We were glad we took along our laptops!
Marilyn sits typing at the table in our room.

Seaside, Oregon, March 6 - 2
Resting on one of the comfortable beds.

Seaside, Oregon, March 6 - 3
One of two beds.

Seaside, Oregon, March 6 - 4
Picture on the wall.

Seaside, Oregon, March 6 - 5

Seaside, Oregon, March 6 - 6
Fireplace. (We had a nice fire!)

Seaside, Oregon, March 6 - 7
View out the window.

Seaside, Oregon, March 6 - 8
Seagull just outside the window.

Seaside, Oregon, March 6 - 9
Marilyn at the table in the restaurant.

Seaside, Oregon, March 6 - 10
Me at the table in the restaurant.

Seaside, Oregon, March 6 - 11
View outside the restaurant window.

Seaside, Oregon, March 6 - 12
Lovely restaurant ceiling.

Seaside, Oregon, March 6 - 13
Amazing restaurant light fixture.

Seaside, Oregon, March 6 - 14
Marilyn on the lanai reading while she waits
for the sunset. (Can you tell we've been
laughing like crazy? Sunbeams are
lighting her up -- it was PERFECT weather!

Seaside, Oregon, March 6 - 15
The sun is setting.

Seaside, Oregon, March 6 - 16
The sun continues to set. You can
see people walking on the beach.

Seaside, Oregon, March 6 - 17
We went over to play Coverall Fascination,
but didn't get there when it start. Nevertheless,
I managed to win three times in the half hour
we WERE there! (smile)

We got Zinger's ice cream and treats and bought bottles of pop from the pop machine on the third floor (the machine on our floor wasn't working). It's cool, because you're in the covered and yet outside area going to and from your room. We went up and down the staircase, rather than use the elevator.

We pretty much watched the movie through twice before heading to bed. We also watched the cool white-noise-pleasant-scenes things that were free to view. They were lovely and put you right to sleep.

The really great thing is that it felt like a vacation, even though it was only part of a day and staying overnight. Perfect, really, as it didn't leave our cats alone at home for too long...

We both knew Sunday would be a work day in many ways, but that's okay, considering we had such a nice Saturday!

And the weather??? It was FABULOUS! Sunny, flowers everywhere, trees in bloom and mild enough to go without our jackets part of the time.

Who could ask for more?
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