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Busy Work-at-Home Day.

Marilyn mistressmarilyn worked here at home this morning, then headed in to the festival office for meetings -- while I spent my day working from our home office.

I did sleep in a bit (smile), which was very nice!

I spoke to 'Kevin' (who was East Indian and certainly not a Kevin, but that's okay) from Adobe, thinking that my friend used to do support calls from them before Adobe out-sourced. Anyway, Kevin was a HUGE help -- and very pleasant to talk to (whatever his real name is). He helped me resolve the issues surrounding the festival's Adobe account, which was still tied to our former IT Manager's email.

For those who set up accounts at work, keep in mind that you need to be using a GENERIC email account. That way if YOU go away, the information isn't tied to you and a dead email.

One of the first things I did when I took over was to start this policy, which I've tried to use for all our Social Media accounts. Of course, that doesn't always work (people stubbornly want to use their own email -- and it's happened a couple of times, I'm afraid). I don't get what's so difficult to get about this concept, personally. I don't own anything that belongs to the festival. Nor should I! The same should be true for the entire Staff. Easy to understand, right? (I wish...)

Aside from that, Carol was having issues with her Ticket Master and Rose Garden tickets setups, and I was no help from here at home. I had her directly contact Kris, but by the end of the day she was in the same situation. I emailed Kris and didn't hear back, so I'm guessing he's tied up with another client. No worries -- he'll get to us when he can, I'm sure. He's been an amazing help this week, so I can't complain.

I have more than 500 followers now at Twitter, using my account mostly for festival-related posts. I never really used the account prior to this past January (starting on January 12), so I'm pretty proud to have been able to increase followers this quickly. I think it's a combo of the fact that I'm a good source for festival-related info, and that I've worked at it on a regular basis. I've read a lot about how to use Twitter effectively, and I continue to learn more all the time. I think it's very helpful for spreading news, but I also like it for tracking news. (I'm surprised how often I find out about breaking news on Twitter!)

Well, it's nap time around our house. And I'd like to read a bit. I've got more work-related things I could do, but I think I'll quit for now...

I love staying up to see late-night episodes (repeats) of "Medium" -- but it almost kills me some nights! I wish it played a little bit earlier... (sigh)

I wanted sister Sue suzy_qp to come downtown tomorrow and have coffee with me (and see our current office). I was ready to pay her parking so she could come. But she leaves tomorrow for a cribbage tournament, so no go. Maybe another time. (Of course, we'll be MOVING really soon, so maybe not...) I hope she has fun this weekend. She's still suffering with her teeth, but did seem better when we talked today.

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