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New Sign!

The new SIGN went up on the Rose Building, where we'll be moving in very shortly (we're just over two weeks away now from the move).

It was exciting to be there and see it hung. It took a lot longer than I'd imagined, but I was thinking they were going to hang it by word (three) -- not each letter separately!

The fascinating thing? When it was done it looked just like the mock up I made to go in our PowerPoint presentation! How weird is that?

I took Laura and Logan to lunch today -- much fun! I love those two.

And Marilyn mistressmarilyn had lunch with Patty! How cool!

It was another huge and busy IT day (setting up Carol's computer -- actually using the process to put it on the network). And I had website work, too.

I took a huge nap late in the day and slept for HOURS. (I had an interesting dream about Kent. A kind of closure-type dream...)

Now I need to get the garbage and recycling done -- better get to it!

Tags: 2010, carol, food, garbage-and-recycling, it-manager, it-related, kent, laura, logan, march-2010, marilyn, patty, rose-building

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