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Done, Finally! (With My Story, I Mean...)

I've (finally) finished my story, focusing on the life of the Marquis de Lafayette. I've done TONS of research on the American Revolution, George Washington and (of course) Gilbert Lafayette. I've learned a lot and have grown really fascinated by the period.

I'm not thrilled by my story, but I do like it -- and it actually moved me to tears when I read the end over. My protagonist is my invention, but otherwise I stay as close to historical fact as possible. We'll see what others think when I share it tomorrow.

And now I need to head to bed. Marillyn mistressmarilyn and I are getting up early to go for manicures and pedicures. Then we have some other tasks before our guests (fellow writers) arrive.

I might tweak my story a bit more before I print it out...

It's one of the most difficult stories I've ever written. The period language was difficult and I don't generally write first person. Anyway...

Tags: 2010, february-2010, writing, writing-circle

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