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Lazy Day...

By Saturday now both Marilyn mistressmarilyn and I are so tired that we pretty much don't end up doing anything for the day. We had things we needed to get done, but aside from going to Starbucks to meet sister Sue suzy_qp and watching some TV -- and doing some Twitter stuff -- I've mostly slept.

Sleep is good.

Sue is still suffering and both Marilyn and I feel bad for her. I'm sure Mary (the dentist) will get her in good shape over time, but having that many teeth pulled is a major surgery -- so it's going to take time for her to heal. (Hopefully the rest of her family and her friends will cut her some slack for a week or so. But as Larry has already asked her to take care of the grandkids, I think it's safe to say that's not happening.)

We need to have manicures this weekend. And do some shopping. And writing. And some work (festival work). And I want to do dishes and laundry and whatnot, too.

There's always stuff to do, after all!

Tomorrow is supposed to be pretty, so we hope to go for a ride at some point...

Monday I have my dentist appointment, where hopefully I'll FINALLY get my bridge put in. And Monday evening is our Writing Circle meeting (postponed from last week when I was sick). So I'll need to do just a touch of cleaning, too. (smile)

We need to find someone to care for the cats while we're away. Sue's got a cribbage tournament and can't do it. I guess we'll try Laura. If she doesn't work out, maybe we can find a professional service. I know our friend Martha used to use one for her dogs back in the day. We've got friends who would gladly do it, but they're too far away to be able to manage it. Anyway, I'm sure we'll figure something out. And happily we still have several weeks to FIND someone. Our cats will be beside themselves while we're gone, so I'd love to find somebody who might even stay here for a day or two during that time...

Well, I should be writing -- or at least reading for research. So off I go!

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