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Miscellaneous Rambling... (About Time!)

Yes, I've been entirely M.I.A. at LJ this New Year. (Yes, I'm aware it's the end of February!)

First, small question for friend Becky beckyo: What's up with your website BSBmiscellania.Com? (I was doing a LINK check for our website, and got the report that the link was dead...)

I've been 'unfriended' by several friends... I guess that's not too big a surprise considering how long I've been 'away' from LiveJournal.

The recent excitement in my life? I went with my older sister Sue to bankruptcy court last week. That was quite an experience! She retired quite comfortably off -- and probably should have been set just fine for the rest of her life. Now we're struggling with whether or not she'll have a home to live in.

Today I went with her to a local used car dealership. Thank God that it's a neighborhood business owned and operated by people who understand tough times. We needed proof that Sue's car wasn't worth much, seeing as the court hadn't accepted the middle Blue Book price of $3,500 -- and had gone 'high end' (over $4,000). Sue's 'allowed' $1,700 for a car by bankruptcy laws. Meaning she has to 'make an offer' on her car and pay the difference.

Well, it's hard getting blood from a turnip, if you follow me! There's simply no money there.

But without a car, Sue's housebound. Her poor health (too many health issues to easily list here) means she can barely walk these days. She has a 'handicapped parking permit' that lets her park in said spaces. Her home is nowhere near mass transit -- even if she were able to use it.

God, I hope she can keep the car! It's got more than 100,000 miles on it and isn't it terrific shape, but it's one of the few things she has left to remind her of her truly brilliant work career.

And there -- but for the grace of God -- can go any of us, really.

Sue was the type who paid her bills the second they came in the mail. For most of her life she wasn't even late with a payment. How sad to end up $100,000 in debt!

Scary shit.

We're loving Marilyn's mistressmarilyn and my new computers, anyway. Yes, bought out of necessity (!!!), but no less delightful for that.

Whatever 'virus' (malware, etc.) I'd gotten on my 'old' computer had made it so difficult to do anything! The keyboard and mouse would 'freeze' frequently -- in the middle of typing a line (etc.). So it's a pleasure not to be dealing with that.

We went for more than a month without our email!

We both have TONS of saved emails we wanted to keep. In tons of folders. (Read hundreds, at the very least.) Anyway, I'd consulted with three techs about it...

It turns out that moving your email from one computer to the next is quite a complicated matter! Interesting.

I finally purchased a software that was supposed to do it for me, but it failed. Then I took the voluminous notes I'd gleaned from the internet and proceeded to move it on my own!

I want to type out the steps I took for future reference, seeing as I believe I can explain the 'how' better than anyone else was able to do for me! The techs I previously consulted are all interested in having a copy of those notes, believe me.

Anyway, we used good, old Yahoo! mail to pick up our POP mail accounts during that period of time -- settings set to remove the mail from the server and thus avoid bouncing out our accounts! (smile) Worked like a charm, actually. I have a whole new appreciation for Y! Mail, I'll tell you.

Considering all the lists Marilyn and I moderate at Yahoo! Groups, it was absolutely necessary to have a way to access all of our email. We both get hundreds daily. (I'm sure that's true for most of you guys, too...)

Well, took our cats Indy and April to the vet today. They hadn't been for some time...

It was expensive. (sigh) Dr. McCoy (who has been our vet for several decades now) pretty much talked me into getting the blood test done on April, even though it cost over $100.

We'd been thinking our formerly 'voluptous' cat's weight loss was due to hyperthyroidism (which seems to be fairly common among cats, by the way). We went through that with Mom's cat John -- and my friend/neighbor is going through it with her cat Spooky right now. April had lost more than five pounds -- which is significant in a cat!

Dr. McCoy wanted to see if he could rule out that ailment. He said her heart rate didn't seem consistent with the disease. He was thinking kidney disease, which can actually be treated with a change of diet. But he also decided to do a test of the 'fatty deposit' that she has on her back, down near her tail. It's been there for ages -- and has actually gone down in size since her remarkable drop in weight. So he did a test on that at his expense -- which turned out to be more than $130! What a wonderful man he is...

He called tonight with the results of the blood test. It looks like April has leukemia, poor baby. He'll call me tomorrow with the results from the other test, but I suspect there won't be a change in what he has to say.

I've spent months now trying to figure out ways to keep her eating and to try and keep her weight up. Every day is a battle. I've tried all kinds of cat food. She gets any of our 'people food' she desires, like her own slap of meatloaf, or bites of my chicken and fish. I've even given her salmon! Today I tried out baby food on her (the expensive kind)...

So we'll have to face losing her soon, I guess. It's hard. We've had her for almost 12 years now. I wonder how poor Indy will take the loss? He was only one year old when she joined our family -- and the two of them are so close.

Went to the funeral of our friend who lost his 'battle' with terminal lung cancer last week. The funeral was last Sunday -- and he'd left notes asking that Marilyn be one of only three non-family speakers! She was writing up her notes on Sunday morning when April ended up scratching her on the face! Just missed her eye. April wanted attention and Marilyn was trying to finish up. It was just a terrible situation.

The man who died was amazing and dear -- and there was a huge congregation there to bid him farewell. We both came home feeling drained afterwards.

Both he and his equally amazing wife faced the past several years with such courage! I can't express what heroes they are to both Marilyn and me. He was always turning the subject from his own health to his concern for others. If anyone wants a definition of people who are Christians and live their religion, they need look no further than those two people! I'll miss his smiling face... But am glad he's out of pain now and in a better place.

Our next door neighbors (friends/extended family) have been wonderful to us recently. It seems like there's always some small 'emergency' to deal with. Marilyn's toilet was leaking, for example. A plumper costs damned close to $100 just to get them in the door, so we weren't looking forward to that phone call. But he came over and fixed it for us!

Then our garage door opener finally gave up the ghost after months of problems. It was expensive buying the replacement, but could have cost a minimum of $100 for the installation, which he did for us! He also made some changes to our electrical outlets (etc.) in the garage, which was just him being additionally sweet...

In some kind of friendly exchange, I help them out with all their many computer issues. Recently I helped them network their two home computers -- in the same fashion as we have here. Now they can both go online! He's never really been online much, so he's very excited about it! Delighted to finally have his own email address and so on...

What else has been going on?

Well, Marilyn had that flu (bad cold?) that's been going around like mad here. She got laryngitis and was off work for an entire week. If she can't talk she frankly can't work!

She was so sick she didn't even feel like going online or writing fic! (Pretty bad!) And she had no sick time left after her surgery last June, so she had to use vacation time! Bummer.

Next weekend is jurying for the Arts Festival, so we'll be busy all day Saturday. (sigh) Well, it's that time of year for us! The season has officially begun and there's a ton of work to do...

Our friend Nik nk_seashore started a website for our friend Joey fatjoey. He's only added up parts of Joey's fic so far, but it's nice, even so. Joey is delighted to finally have his own site!

It's hard to get used to thinking of Nik as a married man! But I'm delighted for him. He and his wife April seem very happy together. But they travel a ton and seem very tied up in RL, so we don't hear much from him these days...

I did get a short note recently from Kevin kevinr, who seems to have really disappeared from online, for the most part. I miss the old crowd some days...

Marilyn's 50th bday is coming up and we're headed with a big group to Vegas for the event! Exciting. I wish more people could make the trip, including the online friends she invited. It's a 'women only' occasion and should be a blast. We're going to attend an actual topless show (one of the famous ones) for the first time ever! (Hard to believe we've never done that before.)

It's been two years since M. and I were in Las Vegas, so we're really looking forward to it!

Well, I need to go and work out now! So I'll close this huge and rambling post!

Love to all my friends...

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